IT Support

Remote Management Service

Our remote management service works on a different model compared to the conventional onsite service. The conventional service works on a break-fix model. This means that once there is a problem or something breaks, only then the problem will be fixed. The remote management service model works to prevent problems from occurring. The model uses a 24hr monitoring system that provides our technicians with important computer health data.

Benefits of the Remote Management Service

Remote management service monitors the network 24hours a day, gathering important information about the health of the network. No personal data is transferred to our servers; only the health, status and scripts are communicated back and forth. The system minimizes downtime and helps in preventing future problems. The remote management service works in such a way, that the user is unaware of maintenance performed on the workstation. Through this technology the user experiences an uninterrupted work day. During the working hours the user can chat with the technician by using the interactive console, and provide access for a remote desktop connection. The technician then can use the remote desktop connection to see the screen of the user and provide assistance. One of the most important benefits of this system is performance as well as security. Our remote management service updates and provides patches for qualifying devices on the network. Updates and scripts are uploaded simultaneously to your devices, eliminating the need to update computers one by one.

Other Benefits

- Simultaneous installation of software
- Network inventory
- Team of IT professionals included in all packages
- Fixed monthly plan
- 20% off for onsite service